DIY Moisturizer…With Milk?

I clearly need to make a run to the store or place an order online or something, because I realized this morning that I’d run out of facial moisturizer. Now, I could have just used Egyptian Magic (which I LOVE!), but I normally use that at night. I don’t care to use it during the day, because it just makes you walk around looking extra greasy. That’s not cute. For some reason, milk kept coming to mind, so I had to search out and see if I could find a recipe for a facial moisturizer using milk. There were several out there, but I chose the most simple (and well known) recipe of the bunch. Mainly because I had all three of the ingredients here in the house. Yay, right? So I mixed it all up, tried it out, and my skin was instantly a bit brighter. That was eight hours ago, and my skin still looks pretty fab. This one may be a keeper! Will remember this when I run out of moisturizer again. 😉


1/4 C milk (lactic acid for gentle exfoliation)

2 tablespoons lemon juice (exfoliating, brightening skin, evens out skin tone)

2 tablespoons olive oil (smooth complexion, soft skin, maintain elasticity, Vitamin E, and more)

photo (13)

Mix the milk and the olive oil until well blended. Then mix in the lemon juice, and that’s it! Use as the final step to your beauty routine. Make sure to keep this mixture in the refrigerator, as it does have milk as the main ingredient. Just pull it out of the fridge when you need it, shake it up, use, and put it back in the fridge when you’re done. This moisturizer should keep for a few days, and after that, the remainder should be discarded.

I will also say that this recipe yielded more than I will actually need or be able to use before it expires. If you think this will be an issue, consider halving the recipe. Don’t make more than you’ll actually use! 😀

Note: If you are allergic to lemons, don’t try this. Also, if you know that you will have prolonged exposure to the sun that day, you may not want to use this moisturizer, as the lemon can cause sun sensitivity. Be safe. 🙂

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