Vacation Goodies: Beauty Buys

Beauty goods! I didn’t spend much on this vacation, even though I really wanted to! A quick trip to Sephora, MAC, and The Body Shop was what happened. I was really hoping to get a few things at The Cosmetics Company Store, as we don’t have them where I live, but there was nothing there that I really wanted to buy. *sadface*



MAC lipliner in Nightmoth, Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray, Tarte Maracuja Oil Rollerball, and The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil.

MAC lip pencil in Nightmoth ($16 at MAC):

Of course I didn’t take pictures. Of course. 😀 I absolutely love this lipliner, though, and I specifically bought it to wear with Ruby Woo. But you can create so many different combinations with this liner, it’s not even funny. Definitely added to the holy grail product list!

Tarte Maracuja Oil Rollerball ($17 at Sephora):



This oil is one of my favorites, but for some reason, I never realized that they sold it in rollerball form. I know. Don’t judge me. Maracuja oil is good for brightening and smoothing the skin, has Vitamin C, and also has essential fatty acids which will help rebuild and repair the skin. I like it because it makes my face feel soft. *looks around, shrugs* It’s just that simple. 🙂 The only thing that I’m having an issue with is the actual rollerball. You’re supposed to apply it directly to your face,but it doesn’t seem to disperse much product, at least not until you play around with it for awhile. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Sometimes “user error” is the order of the day. For now, I’m just using it in the palm of my hand until I get an adequate amount of product, and then I apply the product to my face. Maybe I should stick with the larger version instead of the rollerball. 😦

Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray ($14 at Sephora):


Okay, I could have sworn that the $14 bottle used to be a lot smaller than this. I looked at an old empty bottle that I still had for some reason (again, don’t judge me!), and it was only just over 0.5 oz. This one is 1.0 fluid ounces. Maybe I’m crazy, but this is twice the amount of product for the same price. I’ll take it! 😀 I usually get the De-Slick because my skin is extremely oily. I could set my face with powder all day, and it’s just a waste of product, because all of the just slides right off of my face anyway, Not with this stuff. This keeps my makeup on for a LOT longer than any powder has ever done. Unless I find something better, this will always be on my holy grail product list.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil in Honey Kissed ($22 at The Body Shop):


Okay, this one was an airport impulse buy. Mom and I were walking around, wasting time, when I saw The Body Shop, and realized that I haven’t been in one of their stores in years. So we go in, and one of the craziest (in a great way) salespeople ever to grace the planet sold me on this bronzer while making me cry laughing at the same time! Listen, I love great people, people who can have fun at their jobs (and make you have fun too!), and I love people who are who they are with no apologies. And she was that person, let me tell you! I wasn’t sure about this product at first, even though you know that I love a good bronzer, but once she slapped this on my arm…I was SOLD. It’s not overly glittery, it gives a nice amount of bronzy glow, and it smells absolutely beautiful! Or at least I enjoy the scent! It’s sheer, not greasy, very light, and a little goes a long way. It will probably take me forever to use the whole bottle, which makes it worth the price.

Not much, I know, but I picked up a few other goodies during the trip as well. I just didn’t want to put them all together in one post. Next one, yes? 🙂 I hope that everyone is having a great week. Happy Thursday!

Quick Photo Post: The Fountains Resort (Bluegreen), Orlando, FL

*This is not a sponsored post. Not in the least.


We had a bunch of points to burn with Bluegreen before our next cycle begins, so my dad sent my mom and I on a vacation…because he’s nice like that. 🙂 Plus, with everything that has gone on this summer, and all of the stress that we’ve endured, he thought that we deserved a break. My parents enjoy spending time at The Fountains Resort in Orlando, so Mom and I chose to go there…and it was lovely. I made sure to touch every single thing in the suite! Haha! It was cool because we just went to relax, and we had plenty of space to do so, which was nice. We had a fantastic time together. It was all about resting, relaxing, and spending time with my momma. I love her. She’s the only one that I’ve got. 🙂

Photo overload for the win.


Top floor, right corner, high ceilings…


Lobby area…


The suite: Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, dining room, full kitchen, two living rooms, a game room, and three separate balconies. And it was just the two of us. Space galore! I’d originally put photos of every room in this post, but it was too much. So here’s a small portion of the space:





Night view of the pool area and part of the property:









Good times. 🙂

Unintended Hiatus…

Hello hello! I’m sorry that I’ve been MIA for the last two months, but it has been a really stressful summer, and I had to focus my attention elsewhere for awhile. My mom was going through a major illness, and my efforts were focused on taking care of her, and just making sure that she was alright and healthy, which she is now, thank goodness. She got the all clear sign, and then she and I went on a mommy-and-me vacation! 😀 I’m back now, and ready to get back into the swing of things!

New posts start tomorrow! Thank you for being patient with me. I truly do appreciate it. I hope that everyone has a fantastic week! (((hugs and love)))