Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Friends & Family Deals?

I don’t know how you felt about Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals this year, but for me…it was a bust. I had a long list of items that I’ve been making since earlier on in the year, and I only bought one thing on that list. And that was two days after Cyber Monday during Macy’s Friends & Family event. And that didn’t go as planned either! I only purchased two items for myself (and one for my mom!) this year, and honestly, it was probably for the best. I don’t know what most of the larger retailers were thinking, but to me, it really wasn’t worth it for the most part. It’s like they’ve caught on – they’ll do this big sale (40%, 50%, maybe more!), but it only applies if you spend x-amount of dollars, with x-amount being more than you’d originally intended to purchase in the first place.

Now, I understand why small businesses do this. I get it, and I respect it. But I just couldn’t with some of the big companies. With that being said, all three of my purchases came from Macy’s this year. Yes, one of the large retailers. lol Their Black Friday sales were actually pretty good. Did they put everything on sale? No. But the items that I purchased on Black Friday were, so it worked out well for me.

Black Friday purchase for myself: White Mountain Latera Tall Boots in Black. Originally $99.99, purchased for $39.99.

IMG_3930 IMG_3931 IMG_3940 IMG_3941

I needed these because winter is quickly approaching, and I don’t have very many pairs of flat shoes, and by that, I mean that I have two pairs of flat shoes. I had one other pair of black boots from White Mountain that I’d bought years ago (and wore the heck out of), but they pretty much disintegrated when I got home from Canada back in October. Like, they literally fell apart as soon as I walked into the house. Boom. Done. So I needed a new pair!

Macy’s Friends and Family purchase: Nutribullet


I’ve been wanting one of these since earlier in the year, and told myself that I would wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to purchase it. It originally retailed for over $100, but early this year, most brick and mortar retailers started selling it for $99.99, and then during the summer they were all selling it for $89.99, which is still the current price for the Nutribullet. So when F&F coupons for 25% off came in the mail, after seeing the price stay at $89.99 or $79.99 on BF as though it were an actual BF sale price (what the what?), I jumped all over that! Of course, without reading the fine print.

I got to the store, grabbed a box, noting that the sign next to it said 10% off, and went to the counter to get a price check. When the SA said that it was $79, I mentioned F&F, and she brought up that the coupon said it was only valid on “select electrics.” The Nutribullet wasn’t one of those. Apparently the Nutribullet never truly goes on sale. And then she said that the sale price of $89.99 was a good one, because the original price was blah blah blah. I politely mentioned (while laughing a little bit) to her that it’s been sold for $89.99 for at least six months now practically everywhere, and she laughed, because she knew where I was going and agreed with what I was saying. It isn’t a sale if you’ve been selling it at that price for half a year! LOL! So I went ahead and bought it, because the price is not going to go any lower. Why wait any longer, right? 🙂

By the way, I absolutely love this thing. LOVE! I use it every day. I will admit that it’s worth the price…even though that’s not what I wanted to pay for it! 😀