New shoes: Jessica Simpson Tylera Boots

Alright, I have been wanting these shoes for a year now, and I finally purchased them earlier this week. Why wait a whole year? Honestly, it’s because I didn’t want to pay the original price for them. It’s just that simple. *laughs* The boots are originally priced at around $150, and while that’s actually not bad…I didn’t want to pay $150 for them. I’m just sayin’. However, I kept an eye on them, and eventually the price went down to $89, then $79 as the stores started getting rid of their stock before Spring. Then they were $59 on Amazon…and that’s when I should have bought them. But nooooooooo, I had to be stubborn. “Maybe they’ll go down some more!!!” *insert Tom Haverford surprised face here*

They didn’t. Last time I checked, the ones in Black Skipper are back up to $100+.

And that led me to the place where dreams are made of. That’s right, eBay. After losing a couple of auctions on these shoes in the final three seconds (cheaters!), I found a seller with a “buy it now” option, and the shoes were $79. Problem was, the only pairs that they (and everyone else, it seems) had left were in a size 8.5. I wear an 8. But hey, winter is coming up, put a pair of socks on with them and they’ll be fine, right? So I ordered them and went about my merry way. They arrived in the mail today, and you know what? I am SO glad that I got the 8.5, because these boots run a tad bit small. I have other JS shoes and they normally run true to size (for me), but maybe the boots are just different. Anyway, I LOVE THESE SHOES!!! Expect to see them quite a bit over the Fall/Winter months. 🙂

I have freckly legs. What.

Birchbox September 2012

This month’s Birchbox hit my mailbox early this morning, but I didn’t get around to opening it until sometime this afternoon for some reason. Probably because I really needed that nap, but I digress. It’s here! I was sent box #2 this time:

What’s inside:

The Fall Lookbook – extra

Mighty Leaf teas – extra, and right on time, as my tea stash is low! I think that there are three in the pack, plus I love Mighty Leaf, so…yay!

Benefit Cosmetics foamingly clean facial wash + refined finish facial polish – glycerin in the cleanser, natural clay exfoliator in the polish? I need to read the packaging!

Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End Treatment System – shampoo, conditioner, and leave in treatment

twistband Birchbox Custom Lace Hair Tie – I love these things. I know a lot of people hate getting them in their Birchbox, but I love them!

Color Club Birchbox Custom Polish in Status Update – I don’t need more nail polish right now, but I definitely won’t turn it away! 😀

Youngblood Mineral Primer – a clear gel primer with vitamins and minerals

And the card that comes in the box says that the other extra is supposed to be a Birchbox digital download, but what was really in the box? A Madewell $25 gift card (only good for a purchase of $75 or more). I like. 🙂

I like this box. I do. If you’ve already received your Birchbox for this month, let me know what you liked and didn’t like about it! 😀

And a month goes by…

I cannot believe that I haven’t posted anything in over a month. Oops! Sorry about that! Life had a hold of me for a minute there! I will be posting on a semi-regular basis starting tomorrow. Hoping to start making a few posts per week, as I have a lot of things that I need to get caught up on. Like these patterns that have been cut out, and have been staring at me in the face. For weeks. o_O Yeah. *laughs*

In the meantime, here are some plum colored jeans by J Brand that I am loving right now (Pinterest is the devil!), and a jacket that really caught my eye, but I cannot for the life of me figure out who makes it! If you know, please leave a note in the comments! 🙂

Image Image

I hope that everyone is doing well!