Influenster: Kat Von D VoxBox

I was not expecting this one. O_O When I got the email from Influenster saying that I was selected for the Kat Von D VoxBox, I was so excited! And thankfully I didn’t have to wait long before the package hit my mailbox. I have to say…they did a really good job with this one!



What’s in the box:

  • Lock-it Concealer Creme x 2 – one in Deep 31 Warm, and one in Deep 37 Warm ($26.00 each)
  • Lock-it Setting Powder in Translucent ($30.00)
  • Lock-it Concealer Brush ($24.00)
  • Lock-it Setting Powder Brush ($38.00)

* prices are from

The Lock-it Concealer Creme comes in 21 different shades, so finding the right concealer shouldn’t be much of a problem. Thank you to Influenster for sending two shades to work with! It is a creamy concealer that was a breeze to blend out. I had no issues with blending using the Lock-it Edge Concealer Brush, although I think it might be easier (for me, at least) to use a blending sponge instead. It’s great for covering up blemishes, dark under eye circles, and for contouring! The company mentions the Hydra-Boost Complex, making this concealer nourishing and hydrating, which is not something that you usually hear being associated with a concealer. And once you put this on, that’s it. It is not moving! I wore it for a few hours, and it did not settle into any fine lines or creases. So far, so good. 🙂

Next up is the Lock-it Setting Powder.  I am so glad that this came in a translucent shade, because anything else has the potential to go really right…or really wrong. Play it safe with translucent, as that’s a color that everyone can use. This features what the company refers to as their Micro-Blurring Technology, diffusing pores and leaving your face “selfie ready.” That works for me! This loose powder is very lightweight, and I couldn’t feel it on my face at all when applying with the Lock-it Setting Powder Brush, which is honestly the softest brush that I’ve ever put my hands on! My goodness! It’s my new favorite brush. 🙂 Application was smooth, my makeup was locked in, and I didn’t get that grey cast when taking photos with flash, which is also a plus. No looking ashy or chalky around here, thanks!

In all, I am in love with this VoxBox. Kat Von D makes great products, so I wasn’t surprised by the quality of the items above. In fact, one of my favorite lipsticks by her company is Homegirl. I have bought that one in multiples! If you have a chance to try any of the Lock-it products listed above, or any of the other products in the line, please drop by the comment section and let me know what you think of them!

*** I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Coloured Raine – Cherry Blossom & Roulette

Some of you may already know this, but one of my favorite liquid lipstick companies out there right now is one by the name of Coloured Raine. I love their Matte Lip Paints so much that I’m always recommending them to friends, family, and random strangers who will bother to listen! Granted, that last one usually happens when someone compliments me on the color that I’m wearing. I want everyone to try it! I want everyone to win!!! 🙂

The two matte colors that I currently own are Cherry Blossom and Roulette:


Cherry Blossom




Cherry Blossom on left, Roulette on right


Cherry Blossom is the blue-based red that I’ve been trying to find for years! It’s absolutely gorgeous, and if reds that are blue-based look good on you, I’d strongly suggest that you try this one out. It also applies easily, and I did not have any problems with streakiness in the color.


Cherry Blossom in direct sunlight


And while Cherry Blossom is one of my faves, it’s Roulette and its purple undertones that get all of the attention! People seem to really like this color, as I get compliments on it every time that I wear it. In fact, I keep a backup of this one, just so I won’t be without it when one runs out! 😀 The first time that I bought it, it was actually a little streaky. I would prefer to only wear one layer of the lipstick, but with that one, I would always have to wear two in order to cover up the streakiness. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad, but I’m a little funny about my lipstick. It just wasn’t covering to my liking. The second tube, however, was perfect. No streaks, and the color applied like butter.


Roulette in sunlight


As with other matte liquid lipsticks, neither of these lip colors budged, as long as nothing with even the tiniest bit of oil touched the lips. I learned quickly that eating while wearing these colors probably wasn’t the best of ideas. Drinking posed no issues, though. No lip color left on glasses or bottles, which was a plus. Removal of the color was pretty easy, as long as I used an oil-based remover, or actual oil (olive, coconut, argan, maracuja, they all worked). Another way to remove them would be with makeup remover wipes, but just remember that all makeup remover wipes are not created equally. The best one that I’ve found so far with regard to removing matte liquid lipstick would be either the Neutrogena makeup removal wipes, or the Walmart version of the Neutrogena wipes (the Equate brand is almost an exact dupe – save money!).

Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paints run for $17.00, and can be found on, on, and in Ricky’s NYC stores as well.

If you’ve tried the liquid lipsticks from Coloured Raine, or are planning to at some point, please share your thoughts here! I’d love to know what you think about them! 🙂