Most recent food haul from Asian Food Grocer…so yummy! I hadn’t ordered from them in several years and figured that now was a good time to do so. ¬†Yay for spending money on snacks and goodies and things. ūüėČ



IMG_0021 IMG_0022




1) Nidoage Mochi Rice Crackers

2) Maruhiko Teriyaki Senbei

3) Fujiya Milky

4) Calbee Shrimp Chips

5) Chocolate Almond Crush Pocky

6) Hata Ramune Soda Sparkling Red Champagne

7) Hata Ramune Soda Mango

8) Hata Ramune Soda Muscat

So tasty! *rubs tummy* Haul

*not a sponsored post

I have wanted to buy products from for years, but for some unknown reason, I never took that leap…until a week ago. ¬†I had a sample of Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream that I got through Birchbox last month, and I was about to buy it from them, but I decided to check Sasa…just to see. Did they also sell it? Of course they did! Does it cost less there than it does in the States? Of course it does! Did I buy it through Sasa? Did you really have to ask? ūüėÄ

(Sorry Birchbox! You know that I love you! *kisses*)

There are several brands that I could buy here in the US that cost less for me to buy them overseas and have them shipped to my front door. It probably shouldn’t be that way, but it is what it is, and if I can get the authentic product for less somewhere else, then so be it. I like saving money! If you make a purchase of $75 or more, then standard shipping is free, but it will take 3 – 4 weeks for it to arrive to the United States. However, if you spend the $8 on expedited shipping, it takes 5 – 7 business days. Clearly I chose expedited shipping. I’m not the most patient of people! ūüôā

Korean and Japanese beauty products:

1) Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off (sample packet)

2) Ishizawa¬†Whitening Bath Additive (it brightens, it doesn’t actually “whiten.” Not a fan of the name.)

3) Dr. Jart+ CERAMIDIN  Cream (super love!)

4) MURAQI Konjac Sponge (it feels weirdly squishy and is strangely fascinating Рwill give your cleanser some serious foaming action!)

5) The Face Shop RICE CERAMIDE Moisture Cream

6) Kose SOFTYMO Speedy Cleansing Milk (I was introduced to SOFTYMO and the Konjac sponge by the lovely Judith, of Like Some Cat From Japan Рthank you! (((hugs))) )

7) KOKUBO Bath Powder, Milk

8) The Face Shop¬†HERB DAY 365 Peach Cleansing Foam (crazy foamy without the Konjac sponge…insanely foamy with it! Loves.)


This stuff just came in the mail today. Is it wrong that I’m already starting a list for the next order? ¬†ūüôā

Good Genes…Not So Much?

It pains me to say this, but I tried the sample of Sunday Riley’s Good Genes…and my face hated it. *gasps* Honestly, this is why samples are a good thing, especially when it comes to skincare. Try before you buy, dangit! I wanted to love this so badly. I really did. But I only made it through one of the sample packs before I had to give it up. My skin is pretty clear as it is, but I’m always looking to improve the texture and softness and all of that. This looked like it was going to be a winner, and I am so sad that it isn’t. Silver lining: I saved $105. ūüėČ

With that being said, I started out with clear skin, and this is what happened after three days of use:



It’s been a little over a week since I stopped using it, and my skin is finally clearing up and going back to normal. The culprit? Honestly, I generally don’t have any issues with lactic acid, aloe, or most of the ingredients in this. But I don’t recall ever using products with licorice, lemongrass, or, uh, yeast. Maybe one of these caused the breakout. All I know is, I can’t use this product. *tears falling* Given the many reviews online, though, it seems like most people can use Good Genes without any problems, which is great! It is a wonderful product…it’s just not for me.