Rewards Programs…

Do not sleep on them. Rewards programs are pretty awesome, provided you’re in ones that are better suited for your needs and interests. For example, I am a Birchbox subscriber (, and every 100 points that you rack up with them equals $10 off of a product. Which can really come in handy, as I recently found out. I reached 200 points a few days ago, equal to $20, and decided that I should actually do something with them. Then I realized that I could have had a lot more than 200 points saved up if I’d actually done more of the product surveys, but hey, you live and you learn. I am a fan of body oils, so I decided to get the Avène Body Oil. Plus it was $20, so it was essentially like getting a free product! I only had to pay $5 in shipping, and it got here relatively quickly! It has a little bit of a woodsy scent, which I like, and it’s not overpowering. It’s just right. 🙂

(excuse the lack of quality in the pics – phone was not cooperating with me today!)

Check it out here:

Don’t pay full price…

…if you don’t have to! Ignore the smooshed part…I need to stuff paper into the bag. Shape it up! lol

Steve Madden convertible satchel. Not sure what the name is (I need to pay attention to the name on the tags before tossing them!).

Original price = $98

TJ Maxx price = $39

Uh…yeaaaaaah! *does a dance*

Oh so random…H&M!

So I was perusing H&M’s website today after a friend asked me to look at a dress that she’d just purchased at our “local” store. It’s a super cute dress, that’s for sure! So of course I had to look around the website to see what else they had to offer at the moment. Of course! It’s been a few months since I’ve shopped at H&M, as the closest one is an hour away, and I always forget that we can’t buy directly from the website here in the States. Which saddens me. Hopefully we’ll have that option soon!

Today’s (short) H&M wishlist:

Top in White/Blue - $9.95

Gold sweater - $9.95

Blouse in Natural White - $9.95

Blouse - $34.95

Sweater in Bright Turquoise - $34.95

A canvas bag for traveling, yes? 🙂

Beige Canvas Bag - $39.95

And of course, a tote for the beachy days!

Bag in Powder - $14.95

What’s on your current H&M wishlist? 🙂