Califia Farms Creamy Original Almond Milk

As we know, I have a few food allergies. But to add insult to injury, I have a whole bunch of food sensitivities as well, and they’re confusing because sometimes I have a reaction, sometimes I don’t. Dairy is one of those confusing ones. There is a protein in milk called casein, and I realized that after thinking for years that I was possibly lactose intolerant, come to find out, that’s not the case. It’s the casein. Usually when I have dairy that has not been cooked into something, I have stomach issues. Not always, but I’d say about 90% of the time. Not sure why. Same with non-dairy creamer, which isn’t really non-dairy, but that’s another subject altogether. I’m a coffee drinker (you already know this!), and I usually just use non-dairy creamer. No sugar, no fluffy stuff, unless it’s a specialty drink. But it hurts too.

After trying lots of alternatives, including a few different brands of almond milk (which I use anyway) and almond milk creamers, I moved on to whipping a pat of butter into my coffee. Butter has little to no casein, and it worked out fine…until I remembered how much coffee I drink daily. That…is a lot of butter. So I talked to one of my best friends (hey Grace!) about the type of almond milk that she uses, and she directed me towards a brand that I was aware of, but had never tried. Needless to say, after buying and trying it, I haven’t looked back since.


Califia Farms Almond Milk –

Califia Farms Creamy Original Almond Milk…is a lifesaver. I have finally found my holy grail of almond milks. The best part about it? Unlike other almond milk brands that I’ve tried, this one does not separate in coffee, nor does it taste overly nutty or…off. Those of you who have tried almond milk in your hot coffee at home know what I mean. So for it to not do that? *heart eyes* It. Is. PERFECT for me! It is creamy, it blends well, and again, you can barely taste the almonds when mixed into coffee.

This particular almond milk is soy-free, gluten-free, carrageeenan-free, dairy-free, BPA-free, non-GMO, and is kosher and vegan. Whew, that’s a lot! The packaging also states that it has 50% more calcium than milk, and is only 60 calories per 8 oz. serving. It tastes delicious by itself, and actually is a good milk substitute.

A quick stop on their website ( shows the many different types of products currently available, from various types of almond, coconut, and cashew milks, enhanced milks, regular and flavored creamers, juices, and…coffee! When I’d originally come across the brand at a Target store in Arizona, I’d only seen their cold brew coffees. I had no idea that they made anything else! But now I know that there’s a variety of products to choose from. I plan to try the coconut milk next!

In all, this is a great product for me. Like anything else, some people will love it, some may not like it at all, and others may be undecided. I just know that it has been a great fix for my current needs. And with that being said, Califia Farms, y’all better not EVER go out of business, you hear me? I don’t know how I’ll make it without you! LOL!