Hair Musings: The Undercut.

You know, I just cannot seem to decide what I want to do with my hair these days. First, I wanted to cut it all off into a short cut. Then I wanted to keep it long and just cut bangs. Then I wanted to grow it out and go natural. Then I just wanted to keep it long – period. Now, I’m looking at what may end up being a happy medium. That’s right, I’m thinking about getting…an undercut.

Mind you, I want to keep it long on top until I feel like I’m at a point where I can cut it shorter. Also, this would give the sides and back a chance to grow out after being shaved down, and I have a root iron that would keep the short hair straight until I figure out what I want to do with it. It’s definitely something different. And let’s face it, it’s hair. It grows back. 😉 Now to get someone that I can trust with my hair to take the clippers to it!

Maybe it’d be good to start off slow…



…and gradually work my way up…




…and up…



…and then cut the top? I don’t know. Let me try to get to step one first! 🙂

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Good Genes and Exfoliating.

I. Love. Skincare. Products. I’m sure that everyone is aware of this by now! Anything that will have my face feeling softer, smoother, and glowing makes my day! I went to Sally Beauty Supply while on my lunch break a few weeks ago, and the Frutique Papaya Exfoliating Gel caught my eye. Papaya + exfoliating = winner. This gel is good for all skin types, and the exfoliating process here is easy and gentle, albeit kind of…gross. 

Frutique Papaya Exfoliating Gel

You put the gel on your skin, and proceed to rub it in for 30 to 60 seconds, at which point, you will see dead skin rolling up into little balls on your face. And be warned, rinsing off with warm water just may not be enough. Make sure that you have a washcloth on hand, and some extra time, because they can be difficult to remove…at least on the first use. The removal process has gotten better with each use, which I am thankful for. At first I thought that it was a gimmick, and that it was the gel that was turning into the little sticky bits on my face. And then I realized that no, that’s not the gel. That’s. My. Face. Falling. Off. Oh no, right? Oh YES…and it was worth it, because my face was so soft after rinsing that I almost couldn’t stop touching it! And then I had to go and put moisturizer on afterwards. o_O So silky smooth! 

It really works, and it only costs $12.99 ($11.79 with a Beauty Club card, heeeeey!). Plus, you can use it to exfoliate almost any area of the body. Almost. 😉 It was definitely worth the money, and I will be purchasing this again.

Sunday Riley Good Genes

Next up? Sunday Riley’s Good Genes…the sample edition! I wanted to try it before I buy it, because the full-sized version costs $105. Now, if it works as well as people say it does, and my skin reacts well to it, it will be worth the $105. Especially since it would take awhile to use the whole bottle. 

This treatment helps to reduce fine lines, smooth and brighten skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and wrinkles and such, and much, much more. In other words, it’s a little bottle full of magic. I have wanted to try this product for quite some time, so saying that I’m excited to have a bit of it on hand is an understatement! I started using this last night, and so far, so good. The samples should last just over a week, maybe longer if I use them sparingly. Once the samples are finished, I will come back with a review…and if all goes well, I’ll be back with a new purchase. 😉

Birchbox July 2013

And…here it is! This month’s box is pretty good! I forgot to post last month’s, but it wasn’t too shabby either. 😉


What’s in the box:

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream: Repairs damaged skin and hydrates for up to 26 hours.

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper: Serum that keeps your hair curly, and keeps humidity at bay!

Birchbox Beauty Extra – Bobby Pins: Um…it’s a bobby pin! 🙂

DDF Acne Control Treatment: Overnight treatment with salicylic acid – fights inflammation and blemishes.

theBalm cosmetics InStain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush: Long name. Sheesh! This is a blush that stays in place – no smudging or budging!


What’s in your box? 🙂


Shopping of the online variety…

Okay, so why has it taken me so long to hear about Now, this is not a sponsored post by any means, but dangit, y’all…go buy some things! Not all the things, but some of the things. At a nicely discounted price. When I signed up, they sent a $10 promotional offer like some of the other sites do in order to get you to make your first purchase. Did I use it? Of course I did! That’s $10 that I didn’t have to pay! 😉 I purchased three items, which came out to $58 after the promotional deal, and a total savings of $136.98.

Now, because I’m skeptical at times, I looked up the price of each item at other outlets, including the official website for one of the items in particular, and they pretty much matched up with what nomorerack said were the original prices of the items. That’s a plus as far as I’m concerned. Now, will I do that from here on out when I purchase from them? Probably, just to make sure that I’m actually getting it for a good price, or to make sure that it can’t be purchased for less elsewhere!

What did I buy?


100% Cotton V-Neck Button Down Cardigan in Oatmeal – $39.99 retail, paid $8.00. A little on the thin side, but it was what I was looking for!


Lyss Loo Striped Dolman Sleeve Top – $39.99 retail, paid $11.00. Ready to wear this…the material feels nice, and it’s a little stretchy, which is always a plus!


Earth Unisex Culm Organic Wood Watch in Khaki – $125 retail, paid $49.00. Love this. My wrists are really small, so I’ll have to get several of the links taken out, but it’s lovely.

How it actually looks:

DSC02772 DSC02786 DSC02778

Happy Saturdaaaaaay! Go shopping! Go! Go now! 😀