ShoeDazzle and JustFab


ShoeDazzle. JustFab. Two companies that I’ve wanted to test the waters with for some time now, but for some reason never did. Until this week. I joined and placed a single order with each service…just to see. 😉 With JustFab, you can opt out of joining their free VIP program (read the column on the right on the checkout page – you can opt out there), but in doing so, you end up paying the “full price” of the item, rather than the $39.95 that is advertised. If you choose to join the VIP program, but you don’t want to purchase every month, please remember to log in and click on “skip this month” in the boutique tab between the 1st and 5th of every month to avoid being charged. If you are charged even though you didn’t buy anything, it registers as a credit with JustFab. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can use those credits in the actual JustFab store, if I’m not mistaken. Yes, there is an actual store that you can walk into! It’s the flagship store at the Glendale Galleria. So far, it’s the only brick and mortar store, but we’ll see if they expand into other markets.

ShoeDazzle also has a VIP program, but you have to intentionally click a button and tell them that you want to be a part of the program. I think that JustFab should do the same, just so as to not cause any confusion, but hey, what do I know.  🙂

On to the goods!


A few months ago, one of my best sister friends and I were talking about the Celine luggage tote, which is a handbag that I intend to own someday, but that’s another story for another day. We’d noticed that several companies were making handbags that were either somewhat similar to this one, or were very similar. My friend said that the patent for the luggage tote must have run out. I’m inclined to agree, because if it hadn’t run out, there would be a whole lot of lawsuits on the horizon right now! Michael Kors, Coach, and plenty of others have items that are very reminiscent of the tote. JustFab is no exception.




JustFab’s “Parisian.” I ended up buying this for only $19.95 with a new member special deal. I like it, and it will hold me over for awhile, but on the outside, it looks a little too similar to the Celine tote. Almost uncomfortably so, if that makes any sense. Don’t get me wrong, I paid for it, so I’m going to use it! But there’s a little bit of weirdness here, and that’s just me. The material is pretty stiff and sturdy, but I’m sure that it will loosen up over time. It has quite a bit of room on the inside, and you can even flip out the sides to form the batwings. Batwings. That sounds so wrong, and yet oh so right. Haha!




The “Tamika.” Listen. I was on a shoe-buying ban when I saw these. The clouds parted, the angels sang, the ban was immediately lifted, and here we are. All of their boots were $10 off that day, so I only paid $59 for these shoes, and the shipping was free as well. These boots…these boots. They are beautiful! And the metal gives it just a little bit of edge, which is always a plus in my world! I love classic pieces, but sometimes you have to spice things up! 🙂





I was going to change into black pants to take this photo, but I was too excited and forgot! Next time, next time. 😉



I think that both companies are worth a try. I like the handbags on JustFab better than the ones on ShoeDazzle, and I like the shoes on ShoeDazzle better than the ones on JustFab. Each company has their strong points as well as their weak points. You just have to see which one is going to work best for you. 🙂

*not a sponsored post

Making Chocolate Fluff.

Tomorrow is my last day at work, and our department is filled with wonderful people who I care about very much! They took me out to lunch today, and then gave me a going away gift, and it was greatly appreciated. So in return, I decided to make them a chocolate fluff. Because I loves them! 😀


Chocolate Fluff recipe:

1 cup of flour

1 stick of butter, softened (1/2 C)

pecans or walnuts, add however much floats your boat!

8 oz cream cheese

1 cup of powdered sugar

1 cup Cool Whip

1 box of instant pudding – chocolate

1 box of instant pudding – vanilla


In a food processor, mix the flour, butter, and pecans/walnuts until the mixture turns crumbly. Pour the mixture into a pan, and then gently press the mixture onto the inside of the pan. Make sure that the whole bottom of the pan is covered. Bake in the oven on 350 degrees until the crust becomes lightly toasted. Remove from the oven, let it cool.


Mix the cream cheese, powdered sugar, and the Cool Whip together. Set aside, or put into the fridge until it’s ready to be used.

Mix the vanilla pudding according to the instructions on the box. Place in the fridge until cooled off.

Mix the chocolate pudding according to the instructions on the box. Place in the fridge until cooled off.

Now that everything has cooled down, spread the cream cheese/powdered sugar/Cool Whip mixture onto the bottom layer with a spatula. Then, take the vanilla pudding and layer it on top of the cream cheese mixture. Once that’s finished, take the chocolate pudding and spread it onto the vanilla pudding.



Once you are finished with the chocolate layer, take the leftover Cool Whip and spread it on top of the chocolate pudding. Garnish with pecans/walnuts once you are finished.

So tasty! 🙂