Use Up Your Stash: Hair Edition

The time has come. Yes, it has come. I need…to use up all of these hair products. This is actually difficult for me at times, because I am a product junkie, and I love to try new things on my hair! Especially since it acts differently with each season, so my products tend to change with the season as well. But no more. I am running out of places to put these products, so I need to use them up. And I will try to use them before buying new products! But what I think I’ll do is…I’ll take it bit by bit. I’ll use up the stash at the same time(ish), but instead of waiting until the entire stash is gone to buy new products, when I use up some of the necessities, then I’ll buy more of what I actually need. For example, when I run out of conditioner, I’ll then go out and buy a new bottle, because conditioner is necessary for my hair to be healthy. I will run out of conditioner before I run out of protein treatments, you know?

So, here is what one of my stash drawers looks like:

Toothbrush is actually for laying down my edges. I am not brushing my teeth with this thing! :D

Toothbrush is actually for laying down my edges. I am not brushing my teeth with this thing! 😀

It’s not too bad, but there are a few overflow products that I have to keep elsewhere, because there’s no more room left in the drawer! There are a few items that will have to be thrown away, because I cannot remember exactly when I bought them, but I know that it was a long time ago (ex: VS Hair Creme). I will be using up various shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, hair oils, protein treatments, a clear rinse, leave-ins, heat protectants, curly hair moisturizing products, and anything else that I haven’t found yet. Stuff is spread out – still finding products! Hopefully I can blow through these products over the next few months…because Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming up more quickly than I’d realized! Hair product sales are coming soon! Ha!

Have you ever tried to use up your product stashes? How successful were you? 🙂