Kiss Nails – Salon French or Perfect French?

*not a sponsored post

In an effort to save a little bit of money, I decided to start using Kiss nails earlier this year. Honestly, it started out on a whim, but I liked them so much that I kept it up! The recommended time to keep these nails on is seven days, but if you take care of them, you can wear them for a bit longer. I don’t go over a week and a half, though, because I’m nervous about water getting underneath the nails. When removing them, I grab the 100% acetone that comes in the jars with the scrubby insides. It maybe takes five minutes to remove each nail, but I understand that Kiss has a product of their own that is just like this, but in a jar that’s big enough to soak all of the nails on one hand at one time. Need to grab one of those, because it would save a lot of time! I don’t recommend popping these off with tools, because it can do more damage to your nails than is really necessary. Just soak them off, soak off any left over glue, buff if necessary, wash your hands, apply cuticle oil (all over nails), and let them rest for a bit before putting on a new set. I haven’t really had any damage from doing this, and my nails aren’t nearly as weak as they were when I used acrylics. With that being said, the type of false nails that you use can really make a huge difference as to whether they look natural or not, or as I learned last week, if they’ll pop off at the worst possible moments.

I strayed from the Kiss Salon French nails last week and decided to try the Kiss Perfect French nails in Medium. I figured that I’d try the smaller length, just to see if I liked them. So I broke out the nail glue and got to work! I put them on, painted them, and went about my business. The next day, one randomly popped off. I glued it back on. The next day, two more popped off. The day after that,  one popped off while I was washing my hair. Didn’t even feel it. Good thing that I felt that nail during the shampoo time! I grabbed two more and glued them on instead of reusing the ones that had popped off. What I eventually discovered, after only wearing them for four or five days, is that this particular type of nail does not fit the curve of my fingernails. When I looked at them more closely, I saw that there was a good amount of space between the top of my fingernails and the fake nail on all of the ones that popped off. The only nails that were safe were the ring fingers and the pinkies. The rest of them just were not going to work for my nails.

So…I went back to the Salon French nails, and they have worked perfectly for me.


I buy them in Long (usually buy quite a few packages at a time, as I don’t want to run out if they’re discontinued), and then I trim them down a bit, because as much as I love long nails, these are a little too much for me! I’ve been using these for months, and not once have any of them popped off. They really stay on, and now I know why. These actually fit the curve of my nails perfectly. There’s no spacing whatsoever. They’re a perfect match!

Have you ever tried wearing fake (glue-on) nails? If so, how was your experience with them?