February 2016 – Short NYC Trip

Made a quick trip to NYC in early February, and when I say short, I mean that I flew in late Monday afternoon and flew out on Wednesday afternoon. Why the short trip? Because one of my best friends on the planet was making her Broadway debut, and I was not going to miss it for anything in the world! I am so incredibly proud of her, y’all just don’t know! 😀

I promised her that I would be there, and flew in for the very first show during previews. The official opening night was last week, and I wish that I had been able to fly back for it as well, but I’m just glad that I was able to support her during that first week! Yay Lacretta! (((big hugs and lots of love!))) Also got to meet up with another friend for a few hours, which was a lot of fun! The next trip will be longer, for sure!

If you’re in NYC between now and July/August, and you want to see a show that is pure fun, go check out Disaster! at the Nederlander Theatre! You’ll love it! 😀


Flying into LaGuardia…



View from my room…



Lacretta and I, mean muggin’!


Lacretta is all smiles! 😀


A gift from my sis! This is what happens when your friends know you well! Yes! 😀


Flying home…