Lashes Galore!

Okay, maybe not galore, but still…mini haul-ish of sorts? Maybe? Yeah, I need to stop shopping late at night. It does result in me getting packages in the mail that are packed full of goodies, though!

Enter…Madame Madeline.

This is a one-stop lash shop, seriously! Several different brands of false eyelashes, lash adhesives (latex and non-latex), lash tools, nail care, skin care, and more. And their shipping is FAST! I ordered in the middle of the night on the 2nd (a Sunday), it was processed and shipped on Monday, and I had them by Thursday morning. That made me happy! I can’t remember if I first heard of this online store through YouTube, or if I found it through someone’s blog, but I’m thankful all the same. I’ve been wanting to try Red Cherry lashes for quite some time now, and Madame Madeline sells them for $2.50 a pair. I’m not mad at it! Soooo I bought four pairs of lashes and a non-latex lash adhesive (the latex ones burn my eyes!).



Products purchased:

Ardell Brush-On Strip Lash Adhesive (non-latex)

Red Cherry #43

Red Cherry #213 (x2!)

Red Cherry #WSP

I have only tried the #213 so far, and even though they’re a little longer than I’d anticipated, I do like them!

photo (15)

These lashes are loooooong…

photo (17)

I was too tired to add eyeliner to cover the lash line. Next time, y’all…next time. 🙂

photo (16)


I had to cut them a little bit, as they were too long for my eyes, and I may have to trim them a little bit more. But I still really like them! I will post photos of the #43 and the #WSP eventually, once I get around to trying them out. I promise that I will at least wear eyeliner next time. 😉

Would I order from Madame Madeline again? Absolutely. I’m planning a future order as we speak. 😀 Check them out at .

*not a sponsored post.

Apex Fashion Eyelashes

It’s been a little bit since I’ve done false eyelashes. After seeing that the pair that I really wanted to try were sold out on (handmade glamour lashes with the transparent stem – ES-A562, )I decided to try some that I found on eBay. Apex Eyelash (fashion eyelashes) in #3. There are nine pairs of lashes in the box, which means that I will have plenty of lashes to play with! I don’t necessarily think that these ones are reusable, but that’s okay, because this box will only set you back $4. It’s okay to throw these away once you’re finished using them. 😉




I will say that I like these. I just need to play around with them some more, and maybe go back to another brand of glue. I used the lash adhesive that came with the Kiss lashes from a few months ago, but apparently it wasn’t enough to keep these lashes on for very long. This box came with little adhesive packs…maybe I’ll actually try them next time. 🙂