Tuesday Randomness: Hair Edition

I am growing my hair long again, after taking scissors to it time and time again over the last two years or so. I cut my hair really short in May of 2010, and kept it short-ish for roughly a year. Then I realized how much I missed being able to put my hair in a ponytail. And here we are. 😉

Air dried in a bun…

I haven’t taken scissors to it since May of this year (last actual cut was back in February, this was just to even it out), and I’m trying not to cut it again for another year. We’ll see how this goes.

My hair grows fairly quickly, so my next 6 month goal will be this length when pulled to the front:

I’m wearing a wig, y’all! 🙂

Let’s see how this goes! 🙂

Summer Challenge…?

It’s been a minute, I knooooooow! 😦 I have a few projects that I’m working on now, and lots of ideas and all of that fun stuff. I’m just having a hard time when it comes to making sure that the blog is updated. I will do better, I promise. (((hugs for everyone!)))

I have decided to do a little Summer challenge – I’m not going to buy any clothing beyond the basics. *gasps* I know, right? If I don’t make it or it isn’t already in my closet, then I’m not wearing it. I plan to do this until the end of the season, but we’ll see if I can make it that far.


Start date: June 20, 2012.


Pray for me. *slowly walks away*