Sleep Number Beds – Smiley360 Mission

This…was the first time that I ever got to test out a bed for a company. Too bad I couldn’t take it home with me! Well, okay, I could have, but for a price. And I wasn’t about that life that day. 😂

I have done a couple of Smiley360 missions, and have done lots of reviews for other companies, but this one for the Sleep Number store really stood out to me, as it was the first time that I actually had to go into a store and explain what the heck I was there for, and you know, can I lie all over your beds, please and thanks? But thankfully the whole mission went smoothly from start to finish, and it was actually fun! Plus, the associate who helped me out that day was super nice, which always helps.


I truly enjoyed the experience of testing out a Sleep Number bed. I wasn’t really skeptical, but I also wasn’t sure that it would completely live up to its claims. It did. It really did. The bed that I tried out was the p5, and the technology in these beds and the monitoring system allowed me to figure out that my sleep number is 30. A very comfortable 30. Very. Comfortable. When I tell you that my body was truly relaxed in a bed (finally!), I mean it RELAXED. To the point where standing up became an issue, because I was so sleepy! For reference, I don’t sleep well. I have insomnia, and I also have back issues due to arthritis. Seeing exactly where the pain was centered when the bed was at 100 versus seeing that pain marker disappear at 30 was enough to put this bed on my list of things to buy in the next year. Now, 30 is my number when lying down on my back, and I can’t remember the number for when I was on my side, as the pressure is different in every position. I think I was at a higher number on my side. All I know is that it felt fabulous!

sleep number pillow

I was sent a Sleep Number ComfortFit pillow as well, and have spent the last few nights sleeping on it. I have the Classic pillow, which is for back and stomach sleepers. It is supposed to help with your head and neck while sleeping. So far, so good…and it feels divine!

In case you couldn’t tell, I absolutely loved it, and am completely sold on Sleep Number beds. The company stays in good communication with you once you’re in their system, so you’ll always be aware of sales, follow up emails from your visit, your sleep profile, the different events that are going on, and the occasional coupon. Coupons are good. Especially for beds. Beds are expensive! But this one? Totally worth it. *starts saving money now!*


One thought on “Sleep Number Beds – Smiley360 Mission

  1. Felica says:

    Informative blog you have here. I swear you got me when you admitted to being an insomnia prisoner as I relate to that. Well, on a lighter note, I actually thought you’d blow the price puzzle I had in mind but I guess I’ll just have to play the same tricks you did by walking into a sleep number store and testing all beds. I’ll christen mine the Sleepy Mission.

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