Marshalls Was Calling My Name

*not a sponsored post

Okay, that’s it. My wallet is now on ice!


Not really. But it sounded good!

Went shopping on Saturday, and spent a little while in Marshalls, because hey, why not. I bought two dresses that I maybe needed, and two purses that I definitely didn’t need, but that’s never stopped me before! 😀

1) Dress from Laundry by Shelli Segal – Originally $155.00 (original tag is on the dress!), I paid $39.99.



2) Print Scuba Knit Sheath Dress by Maggy London, which is currently for sale on the Maggy London website (Maggy London)  – Originally $118.00, I paid $39.99.



3) Cognac satchel by Steve Madden – Originally $98, I paid $39.99


4) Black and White tote by Steve Madden – Originally $98, I paid $39.99.


Total original price: $469.00

Total paid (before tax): $159.96

Total saved: $309.04

Random, but not: I have been questioning Marshalls’ “Original” cost on their tags for some time now. On their tags, sometimes the original price quoted is actually far less than what the item actually sold for originally. For instance, the “original price” on the Marshalls tag on the Laundry dress was $68.00, even though the original tag clearly says $155.00. I would think that people would feel like they got even more of a deal if they knew how much the items really cost before they hit Marshalls, but really, what do I know? I’m not sure what the marketing strategy is here, but if anyone has any insight as to why they do this, please leave a comment and fill me in! 🙂

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