Nuance Salma Hayek

I received an email from Birchbox last month about a special box for May (in addition to the regular box) that would have several products from Salma Hayek’s Nuance line, asking if I would like to receive this box for free. *looks around* Of course I signed up for it, are you kidding? Products. Free. Salma Hayek. FREE! It’s never a guarantee that you’ll actually get the special boxes, but if you get an email asking if you want one, it’d probably be in your best interest to say yes! And I am so glad that I said yes to this box. I am really liking these products so far!

Nuance Salma Hayek


Nuance Salma Hayek

What’s in the box:

AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream – I am loving this one so far. It makes my skin so soft, and gives it a little bit of a glow! The main ingredients touted in this cream are something called Tepezcohuite, which is a Mexican tree extract that is rich in antioxidants, plus vitamins A & E, which are always good.

My Secret Super Moisturizing Body Cream – There was a full sized tube of this in the box, which was perfect! It’s made with shea butter, macadamia seed oil, and…honey. I love the scent – it’s light, it almost smells like tea, and you can smell the honey! This body cream is absolutely lovely.

Mamey Fruit Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner – This actually works. I noticed more volume for sure, but I also noticed that my hair was not frizzy at all after blowdrying. Literally zero frizz. I didn’t really need to flat iron afterwards, that’s how smooth my hair was. I flat ironed anyway, but that’s because I have issues. Ha! This may be a keeper, at least during the summer months!

Lights, Camera, Action Eye Trio – I haven’t tried this one yet, but I plan to do so soon. The color shown is called Bronze Gold Shimmer. We’ll see how it goes!

Overall, I would have to say that I’m impressed, and I also love the fact that instead of going the Sephora/Ulta/Major Department Store route, she chose to have her products only sold at CVS, and at prices that everyone can afford. You don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to look (and feel) good, and it’s great that she incorporated a lot of her grandmother’s beauty secrets and ingredients into her line. I love learning about “new” ingredients and the science behind them, and this has given me even more reasons to dig deeper into the Nuance line.

If you received this box, or if you’ve tried her products before, leave a note in the comments section – let me know what you think of them! 🙂

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