Easy High Bun with Mia Bun Ease

I bought one of these yesterday and figured that I should go ahead and try it out. Especially since it’s beautiful outside and I just wanted something quick and easy to do with my hair. They come in Blonde, Brown, and Black, so choose one based what will be the closest match for your hair color. 😉


Inside the package are one Bun Ease (it’s like a hair donut and then some!), an elastic band, and some pins, which are strategically placed inside of the donut. Just remember to take them out before you get started! It also comes with an instruction card, and on the other side of the card are suggestions for how to do a messy bun, a smaller bun (by cutting the Bun Ease to shorten the length), and how to create loose curls with the Bun Ease.


I didn’t use the elastic band that came with it, because it was kind of thick. I prefer to use smaller elastics on my hair.

First, figure out where you want your bun to rest, and then pull your hair into a ponytail and tie it with the elastic band. Pull your ponytail through the Bun Ease. It was a little difficult at first to pull the ponytail through, but maybe that’s because I didn’t flat iron my hair, it is two months post-relaxer, there’s a bunch of new growth, and my hair is really fine, but super dense. Meh.


Then, according to the instructions, you’re supposed to roll the Bun Ease material upward, then spread the ends of the ponytail around the Bun Ease, tuck, and roll downward, and then pin loose hair with bobby pins. That…did not work for me. But I am 99% sure that it was due to user error, which means that I’m going to have to document this again when I learn to do it the right way. What I did instead, after being somewhat frustrated by something that is probably so simple that a child could do it, is I fanned my hair out around the Bun Ease and pinned it that way.


And voila! We have a huge bun!


If you happen to try the Bun Ease, and you have any tips or tricks, please feel free to share them! Happy Friday! 🙂

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