DIY Exfoliating Puff

Okay, as I’ve said before, I can be a little bit extra when it comes to exfoliating. And when I say a little, I mean a lot. And I am not ashamed! 😀 I exfoliate my face every other day, only because I have oily skin and my pores tend to clog easily. So this schedule works for me, not only to keep my face feeling soft and smooth, but also to keep the buildup away.

Enter…the puff.

What you will need:

Salux cloth/exfoliating glove/microfiber cloth, cosmetic puff, small elastic band, scissors, and your favorite cleanser!


I use exfoliating gloves or a Salux cloth on my body every day, and sometimes when I get a brand new Salux cloth, I’ll cut a section of it off to use for exfoliating my face. Mind you, that is not what the instructions tell you to do. Again, I’m extra. Most people would say not to use it on your face because of how rough it can be, and I agree with that to an extent. If you know that it’s too rough for your face, please don’t use it that way. However, if you soften up the cloth first, it can prevent damage and be a lot more soothing to the skin. Just fill the sink with warm water, grab your favorite soap, lather up the cloth (scrunch the cloth together over and over again), rinse, let it dry, and then repeat. Once the initial roughness is gone, then you can proceed with this DIY! The same process applies to exfoliating gloves if you choose to use them instead of the Salux cloth. You can also use a microfiber cloth for this one.

Once the cloth is dry, grab a cosmetic puff, and cut out a large enough piece of the cloth to cover the puff and then some.


Fold the upper and lower parts of the cloth over the cosmetic puff, and then take the right and left sides and pull them together. Grab your elastic band and use it to close the cloth covering. When you do this, you will notice that there is a good amount of cloth extending beyond the elastic band. This is good. This forms your handle. 😉

Look, it has a handle!

Look, it has a handle!

Dampen your face with water, turn the puff over, and add your facial cleanser. I am partial to DHC Washing Powder in the mornings, but use whatever cleanser you like! Lightly wet your new exfoliating puff and wash your face using light circular motions. If your face doesn’t seem as wet or if your cleanser isn’t foaming (if it foams), add water to the exfoliating puff and try again. The cleanser not only gets into the cloth, but it also goes down into the puff, so just make sure that you are getting all of your cleansing goodness! Once you are finished, rinse the puff thoroughly, rinse your face thoroughly, gently pat your face dry, and moisturize. Moisturize!

Common sense note: Do not apply too much pressure. Treat it like you would any other exfoliating tool. 😉

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