Menswear (Part 1)

I love to see a well dressed man. I do. I love to see men taking care of themselves and not being ashamed to let people know that they enjoy looking (and feeling, and smelling!) good too. It doesn’t mean that people can’t have casual moments, but casual also doesn’t have to mean sloppy. Take pride in your appearance! I truly believe that if you look good, you feel good, and that has nothing to do with other people. Do it for you. 😉 Pinterest has been wonderful to me in that there are lots and lots of photos of beautifully dressed men, and I feel the need to share a few with you today. Enjoy!

39265827970658711_0C4R6de0_c 43417583877218656_Lu9T2zHX_c 46161964901498376_1pzvy6PU_c 52072939412894580_IXAJsz4u_c 86272149081661806_G0kEtdl7_c 107101297359865034_bdH13fdH_c 108438303498010519_qZphYXEJ_c 122300946101166008_OQ9zIyuf_c 126804545728389855_GJKRgXVa_c 130393351681643868_HvscwOL1_c 205336064230768058_ZpL4iBaU_c 277182552036205950_xDziz086_c

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