Black Friday Shopping…From Home

You know, this year’s Black Friday sales were not too bad, especially considering that most of the major retailers had the same sales prices online as they did in the stores that day! That made me happy, because I am not one to actually venture outside of my home on Black Friday. I did that once, and decided to never ever do that again. People are so rude, and rudeness is something that I don’t handle very well, so it’s best for everyone if I just stay my little self right on at home! The online Black Friday sales were also better than the Cyber Monday sales this time around by a long shot, which was interesting. We’ll see if the same thing happens next year. 😉

What did I buy? Not much. Ha!

1) Gap Slouch Sweater – Original price was $59.95, but it was on sale for $19.00, plus I had a coupon code, so I only paid just over $15.

2) Miss Jessie’s Creme de la Curl, Creme de la Creme, and Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo, all x2 – Miss Jessie’s annual BOGO free sale! I was running low on products, and managed to stretch them out until the sale. I am so proud of myself! Ha! Really should have picked up a few extra bottles of the Creme de la Creme conditioner, because I go through conditioner like it’s water. It just means that I need to prepare for next year and place a larger order! 😉 The shampoos and conditioner are all $14 – $16 per bottle, which makes the BOGO sale a really good deal!

3) MCMC Fragrances Phoenix Eau de Parfum – This was actually a Birchbox find from the November 2012 box. I fell deeply in love with this scent the first time that I used the sample. I just knew that I needed to have this fragrance, and with free shipping, a 25% off coupon, and $20 in Birchbox points, it was mine. 🙂

4) L.A.M.B. Harlie Pump in Black – I am so upset about this one. You just don’t know. 😦 I ordered these from DSW in a size 8 with a $30 off code, a birthday code, and a free shipping code. They came in the mail, and they were GORGEOUS. I was so excited…until I put them on and realized that they run small. See, I’d researched them, and from what other people were saying, they run true to size. I’m going to have to go with no. Either that or my feet were swollen that day! So I sent them back via FedEx to be exchanged for an 8.5. They got the package two days later and were processing the return and then would process the exchange. There were 3 pairs left on the website that day. I just got an email yesterday morning saying that they’d given me a refund as they were completely sold out of that size…which made me sad. But that happens sometimes. I’ll just have to find them somewhere else, because it’s a beautiful shoe and I need these in my life. 🙂

L.A.M.B. Harlie

And that was it! I didn’t do too much damage at all, but in all honesty, there wasn’t a lot that I needed. If anything, these are my Christmas presents to myself! 😀

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