Birthday Goodies: Sephora, and a Kat Von D mishap!

Alrighty then! My birthday was last weekend, so I decided to go up to the city for a little bit and pick up a free gift from Sephora (yay for the Beauty Insider program, right? If you’re not a member, get on it! It doesn’t cost you anything!). This year’s free gift was a mini lip treatment set from Fresh.

Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo:

While I was there, I decided that I needed a new lipstick…okay, I didn’t need a new lipstick, but it sounded like a good idea at the time!

Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Homegirl:

Now, I will say that I love this color. Love. But did you notice something about the lipstick? If not, don’t fret. I’ll fill you in. See the tape surrounding the base of the lipstick? It’s there because as soon as I took the lid off of the lipstick and twisted it so that the lipstick would rise, this happened:

Uh huh. The lucite bottom literally fell off. Now, I am not a heavy handed person. Not in the least. But this is just silly. I did some research online, and I am definitely not the only person that this has happened to. I hope that the company realizes that there’s an issue and goes back to the drawing board when it comes to the design of this product. I could take it back and exchange it for one that is, you know, whole, but considering that I live 45 miles away from the nearest Sephora, well, tape will have to do. Hopefully some changes will have been made by the time I need to grab another one. Outside of that, I really do love this color! *sparkles*

And you know that little stand full of goodies that sits just in front of the registers? Yeah, they got me again! I had to pick up this Josie Maran Glow on the Go set. It was calling me. Argan oil and highlighted skin for the win. 😉

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